Hi internet. I disappeared under a pile of snow for awhile there, and now I am basically buried under my jobs. One of those jobs is in my field and fulfilling and wonderful, but it also necessitates that I live out of a suitcase Monday night through Thursday afternoon in a place with no kitchen. Fortunately I have access to an excellent food co-op on those days, but I have also been doing some very uncharacteristic food planning and prep in order to cope with my frequent travels. I work a full day on Mondays before I hit the road, so that has meant that I spend my Sunday afternoons peacefully in the kitchen, getting ready for my week.

No recipes today, but I thought I'd at least let you know what I'm making:

1. Veganomicon's Chickpea Cutlets, except I did mine with cannellini beans and Italian spices.
2. A blues-killing winter citrus salad that I ganked from Jeannette's blog. I added ginger and celery and a grated carrot and will probably chuck in some pumpkin seeds. There, that was kind of a recipe.
3. A huge pot of vegetable stock, using up all the veggie butts I've been chucking away in the freezer.
4. A huge pot of black eyed peas for some to-be-determined dish that I'll make later tonight. It'll probably be of the beans + grains + greens variety.
5. A big batch of apple granola, also based on a Jeannette recipe. I've been using this recipe as a starting point for a few months, and let me tell you, I don't think I'll be buying granola ever again.

I'll be coming back at you soon with a recipe for a Massaged Kale Salad, but I just wanted to get over my no-posting slump and say hi.


  1. Make!Do! said...

    That must be so frustrating! You are awesome for making time to prep and be ready for your week.
    I'm going to brag a little, I had both the citrus salad and the granola in Jeannette's actual house and they were both fantastic. It is a good thing to be the houseguest of super excellent cook/food bloggers and friend .  

  2. Maven said...

    Hm, I realized too late that I should have spent at least some of my afternoon grading stuff. Hello, late night in the hotel with a red pen...

    Someday I hope you can eat at my house too!  

  3. AMIT said...

    Hey thanks for this lovely post of yours.So what are u having this week?

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  4. Ellinor Forje said...

    OMG, there's so much food on here. I've died and gone to heaven! Thanks for sharing the recipes and drop by me too, soon.