Simple fruit salad.

I'm eating a midmorning snack that is giving me great joy, and it is super, super easy.

Simple Fruit Salad
2 peeled and sliced bananas
2 peeled and sliced oranges (I like slicing them into chunks instead of sectioning them, because then the juice gets to flowin.)
1 cup of plain yogurt
a healthy squirt of agave, though honey would work too
1/2 t cinnamon
pumpkin seeds

Other fruit and nuts would be welcome too, as would soy yogurt. All I'm saying is, this ain't rocket science.

Mix it all up in a bowl, divide into portions, and pack in your and your honey's lunch. Enjoy at your desk when everyone else is eating gummy low-fat coffee cake from Starbucks.

By the way, "fruit" should always be pronounced "frewit," as in "frewit of the deville."